One-click purchases from email.

Send your customers shoppable, interactive emails that convert better.

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Why Interactify?

No more 10-click funnels. Let your customers shop through their inbox.


Increase email flow revenue by 30%


Less than 5 minutes of setup, guaranteed

Directly integrates with your existing Klaviyo flows


Free 30 day trial. No transaction fees.

How Interactify Works

Our platform leverages Google's AMP technology to bring interactive emails to your customers, directly syncing into your Klaviyo flow. Here's how:

One-Click Setup

One-Click Setup

Install our app from the Shopify App Store. Forget complex development – our system is plug-and-play, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

We sync into your Klaviyo email flows, and automatically send interactive emails whenever a Klaviyo event is triggered.



Customize the copy and design of your emails. Monitor the impact on sales with clear analytics to assess the ROI of Interactify.

Trusted by top brands

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Start reclaiming lost sales today without any fees. You don't pay a single cent unless we make you money. Book a demo to learn more.

currently in beta. built with ❤️ at stanford university by soham govande & ananth veluvali